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Fixed number on mobile is essential of professionalising your business

When you want to professionalise as a company then business telecom is a logical focus point. When companies are starting out, there is not really a reason to buy a business phone number right away and a bunch of 06 numbers or a landline is often more than enough to be reachable. However, the priority shifts when more and more calls come in and people start asking similar questions and you have to deploy staff to be on the phone. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on business because you don’t have time to answer the phone yourself. With business telecoms, however, a whole new world opens up with which to improve services and work even more efficiently.

Advantages of a dedicated business phone number

There are many advantages to using business telephony. For example, if you work in a company where verbal agreements have to be made to confirm deals, it is ideal when this can be done over the phone with a call record function. Moreover, by recording calls, you can assess the quality of the staff on the phone and improve them if necessary. A business phone number can be completely tailored to the specific target group and the most frequently asked questions. By using and programming the menus in a smart way, you can serve customers even faster and better.

Best of both worlds

Besides a more efficient way of working and a better service over the phone, business telecoms has another big advantage that many people tend to underestimate. The company’s brand gets a significant boost, as a business European phone number comes across as a lot more professional.

In addition, people will be more inclined to pick up the phone or call, because a business telephone number simply looks more familiar than a random mobile number. Especially when it comes to a toll free number. These have a positive image because they are free of charge for the caller in question. More and more entrepreneurs are therefore choosing to apply for a toll free number USA, especially because of the ‘good will’ that such a number entails. The call costs are for the entrepreneur, but they are manageable.

Furthermore, there are many options that make it possible to also improve the customer’s experience and tailor everything to the company’s identity. These include, for example, different types of voices for the choice menu or specific wait melodies or tones. Use can also be made of cross-sell opportunities during the waiting periods to promote even more products or services. The possibilities of a business phone number are therefore innumerable and can have a positive impact on the company’s results.

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