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Today is Bitcoin Pizza Day 2020

Today is May 22 and that means it’s Bitcoin Pizza Day! Every year, bitcoiners celebrate the magical moment that bitcoin first acquired monetary value in 2010: when Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC ten years ago to have two pizzas delivered at home. Read more about this at Mrbitcoinexchange

Two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. It is now almost a legendary story. Converted to the current rate, it would be the most expensive pizzas in human history: worth more than € 85 million in bitcoin.

For many bitcoiners, it represents an important milestone in the history of Bitcoin. It is the moment that bitcoin first acquired a monetary value. That was also a very important and special moment. Of course, Bitcoin often experiences significant price increases (and decreases), but an increase from zero to ‘something’ cannot be expressed in percentages; something magical happened there.

From that moment on, bitcoin also had an exchange function with monetary equivalent. This created a course that could rise or fall. You could trade it based on the price, and it did, and that was how the bitcoin economy was born. Bitcoin was for the first time more than an experiment; it became money. And the rest, as they say in English, is history.

No regrets

It may seem absurd today to pay so many bitcoins for two pizzas, but back then it seemed absurd to sell two pizzas for some ‘crappy numbers’. Laszlo Hanyecz says he does not regret his purchase, but did it to encourage the use of bitcoin. And we succeeded, because without this first push it could have been very different.

Two years ago, Hanyecz grabbed another first by repeating his historic purchase of two pizzas, but this time through the Lightning Network.

Celebrate pizza day

Celebrate decent Bitcoin Pizza Day, of course you do that by ordering a pizza today with bitcoin. For example at, which has been accepting bitcoin payments since 2013.

In a way, like Laszlo Hanyecz, you also contribute to the maturing of the bitcoin economy, because every legitimate transaction counts. Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!

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