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Tim Cook

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Five curious facts about Tim Cook, CEO of one of the largest companies in the world.

Cook is a believer

Cook was born into a Baptist Christian family. He himself is very religious. In particular, thanks to this, Apple supports many charity programs, which was not the case with the ambitious and slightly cynical Stave Jobs.

Alabama Maine

For a long time, Cook lived in the small town of Robertsdale (Alabama), one of the most conservative southern states in the United States. One evening Tim was returning home and witnessed the ritual burning of the cross, which was carried out by a local squad of Ku Klux Klan. This made a huge impression on Cook. Since then, he has been an ardent fighter against inequality in all its manifestations. By the way, the state of Alabama is still famous for xenophobia and inequality. In particular, because of this, Cook has not yet opened any Apple production in Alabama, although his fellow countrymen are constantly asking him about it.

Unconventional Cook

Tim Cook is gay. But he openly spoke about this only in 2015. When asked how this fits with his deep faith in God, he replied, “I believe this is one of the greatest gifts God has given me.” And when asked why he spoke about it openly only now, Cook said: “If the news that the CEO of Apple is gay will help someone to come to terms with themselves, if it will console a lonely, if it will inspire people to fight for equality, I I am ready to sacrifice my private life for this ”.

“Quiet” management

In management, Cook is strikingly different from Jobs. You can say he is his complete opposite. If Jobs could vomit and throw when something went wrong, as he wants, to argue with contractors, then Cook is extremely quiet. He rarely raises his voice. But it has incredible performance, focuses on solving a problem, asks a lot of questions that requires finding answers. Cook demands detailed knowledge of the subject from his people. And, as we can see, his “quiet tactics” are bearing fruit.

Universal language

Cook is an engineer by training. He is very well versed in technical processes and programming. Cook encourages parents to send their children to programming circles. Once he even said: “I believe that if you have to choose, it is more important to be able to program than to know a foreign language. Code is a global language. With it, you can connect with 7 billion people. Programming enables people to change the world. “

A few words about the book “Tim Cook” by Linder Kani. We believe that this book will be perfect as a gift and will be a worthy decoration for your personal library. And how much do we know about Tim Cook, there are not many books published about this man. Therefore, here you can glean quite a lot of facts not only about the life of the mysterious CEO, but also about the history of Apple itself and other technology companies.

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