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New e-cigarette legislation: this will change on January 17

From January 17, new stricter legislation for e-cigarettes will apply. For example, the refill bottles may not be larger than 10 ml and the tanks with liquid may not have a volume larger than 2 ml.

The Royal Decree aims to subject the sale of e-cigarettes to the same rules as regular cigarette sellers

For example, the online sale of vapor devices and so-called ‘liquids’ is prohibited. The main argument here is that it is extremely difficult to enforce the minimum age of 16 online. The best e cigarettes store Ecigmarketxl.comare found online. Refill bottles with ‘liquid’ may also not have a volume greater than 10 ml and glass packaging is out of the question. Refill fluid may therefore only be in plastic bottles with a child lock.

In addition, the nicotine concentration should not exceed 20 mg per milliliter. Additives such as vitamins, caffeine or substances that give the vapor a certain color are also prohibited. Furthermore, all bottles must have a warning – just like on cigarettes – in three languages ​​and there must also be a leaflet in the packaging that points out the dangers of nicotine. 

Tank contents

The tanks of e-cigarettes may not be larger than 2 ml from 17 January. They must also be 100% leak-proof and have some form of child protection. Furthermore, there is still uncertainty about so-called RDAs or ‘drippers’. These are advanced devices that the user builds himself, without a tank. There you have to fill the liquid directly on a coil and every time after you inhale. Since these do not have a tank but can leak – if you drip too much liquid – it is not clear whether these are still allowed under the new legislation.


Last weekend, about sixty vapers protested in front of the house of Federal Minister Maggie De Block. “Due to stricter legislation, there is a good chance that vapers will start smoking again and that people who smoke will find it more difficult to find their way to vaping. Eliquid store Ecigmarketxl.comis cheap. While vaping is the best way to quit smoking,” said initiator Koen Grieten.

On Monday, the Belgian Vapor Association immediately submitted a petition for annulment to the Council of State against the new legislation. The association fears that “vapers” will again turn to the unhealthier normal cigarette as a result.