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6 Tips to Make Your Garden Centre Visit a Success

If you love plants and gardens as much as we do, then it’s probably no surprise that you would want to visit a garden centre. However, if you’re anything like us, your initial reaction was probably something along the lines of ‘Isn’t that place somewhere terrifying?’ For most people, a visit to a garden centre is a nerve-wracking experience; you have to walk through tunnels of foliage that are almost pitch black, dodge around confused old ladies who think you work there and duck out of sight whenever someone with an Eastern European accent comes near. It sounds completely horrible…but it isn’t! If you know how to handle these places, they can be very enjoyable indeed.



Know the Basics

A garden centre is a retail business that specialises in the sale of plants, shrubs, soils, fertilisers, garden furniture, tools and seed collections. They’re open to the public and offer a variety of products, ranging from cheap impulse buys to more expensive, high-end products. Most garden centres are open seven days a week, including public holidays. Garden centres can get very busy at certain times of the year, especially around Christmas and Easter when people are looking for gardening gifts. If you want to avoid the crowds, it’s best to visit during the quieter times, such as the weekdays. Some garden centres are larger than others. If you’re walking around and you feel like you’re getting lost, you almost certainly are!


Check the Calendar

If you’re visiting a garden centre for the first time, you might not know when all of the special events are taking place. Most garden centres have special events throughout the year, such as Easter Egg hunts for children, Santa visits at Christmas and special events for Halloween. Some garden centres also feature live entertainment, such as magic shows and musical performances. If you know when you’re going to visit, you can plan around the events to make the most of your visit.


Shop With a Purpose

If you’re just wandering around aimlessly, you’re probably going to get distracted and lose track of what you wanted to purchase in the first place. To make your visit more productive, come up with a list of items that you want to purchase. Make sure you’re not just buying for yourself; make a note of gifts for friends and family members too. If you’re visiting at Christmas, make sure you have everything you need to make the most of your garden and have it ready to be enjoyed as soon as the weather permits.


Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

Garden centres often have deals and offers that are too good to miss. Unfortunately, they also have products that are mislabelled and unsellable due to defects in the packaging. It’s these items that can really help you to save money. Don’t be afraid to walk away from products that are priced too high; it’s likely that there’s a reason for it. Don’t let a badly damaged product put you off; these products are usually heavily discounted because they’re unsellable in their current state.


Don’t Forget About the Food!

Garden centres have far more to offer than just plants and gardening equipment. They often have cafes, bars and restaurants that serve a variety of food, ranging from sandwiches and traditional English dishes to burgers, pizzas and other fast food items. Most garden centres also have an ice cream shop where you can enjoy a sweet treat; many even have sundae bars where you can create your own ice cream treat. If you’re visiting with children, make sure you take them to the play areas at the garden centre; many of them have mini-amusement parks with a variety of attractions that are great for younger children. Garden centre near me



We hope that these tips will help you to make the most of your next visit to the local garden centre. They can be great places to spend time with friends and family, while also providing you with everything you need to spruce up your garden. With plants, tools and pots at bargain prices, you can make your garden look great without breaking the bank.

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