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4 Things Your Travel Insurance Will Not Cover

Travel insurance like all forms of insurance policy is a reimbursement, a paycheck to cover damages outlined in an agreed policy and as insurance does it best to plot out almost every scenario that could disrupt one’s life, bring damages to belongings or a halt to an experience.

The question,how much is travel insurance, and several others crosses the mind and makes one think can  it (insurance) truly cover every damage that may occur, or has every possible situation been truly planned for? The answer is Yes and No, for there are certain things, causes, pits dug in the name of extreme scenarios that your travel insurance won’t provide coverage for.

And in the hope of spending money the dream is to get its full worth in return, but in reality 100% input never equals 100% output, so with insurance also you only fully begin to see more coverage when you subscribe to the higher levels or packages offered. Meaning less expense equals less coverage.

The scenarios listed below will not be covered by your travel insurance.

  1. Damage to self caused by pre-existing condition

Most travel insurance provides health and medical coverage on trips round the world and help will be provided if there are circumstances which arise during the course of the trip, but travel insurance will not cover losses or damages ensued from the recent build-up of a certain medical condition or unhealthy position. So Jim has travel insurance, but also has arthritis and it’s been so for years but he has been having flame-ups and change in medication weeks before a trip and later goes on the trip. If during that trip Jim experiences an unplanned scenario due to his arthritis his travel insurance won’t cover him unless there’s a clause for such in his insurance policy (aspecified add-on)

  1. Losses on account of carelessness

Most policies cover losses due to theft or a misplace of belongings, but travel insurance policy will not cover for carelessness- a claim cannot be made if you ditched care and left your belongings unattended. This covers the reason whyclaims are tendered in with full evidence of what happened and items that were lost.

  1. Intentional actions of danger

Everyone should learn to ride a bike, but it’s not in every town that people ride bikes and surely your learning shouldn’t be infringing on someone else’s time. Meaning engagement in reckless activities such as overdrinking, trying extreme sports and allowing oneself to step into situations where you become a liability intentionally will not be catered for by your travel insurance for they’ll be declared reckless decisions meaning you made the choice.

  1. Out of hand situations

The list goes on and on telling what each policy covers and what it doesn’t but uncontrollable conditions like bad weather, natural disasters and certain situations that surround a certain trip and draws it on the un-pleasurable line can’t be covered.

The bottom line

Travel insurance policies all differ from each other and each has a range of what they cover and what they don’t but there are “exclusions” on insurance policies that will prevent a policy holder unable to make a claim so it’s necessary and very important that when buying an insurance policy, the words in the product disclosure statement (PDS) are read to understanding.