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What is FEP foil?

If you start searching for FEP foil on the internet, you will come across many different emphasize that FEP film and FEP foil have the same meaning. But what exactly is FEP foil?


What is it?

FEP Foil is used in a variety of sectors, industrial, food, chemical and oil and gas. FEP foil is used in many different applications. For example, it is used as non-stick foil in the food industry. As separation film in the liquid chemical industry or as the bottom of a flex vat in 3D printing. If you are interested in the various applications of FEP film we advise to read the following article as well.



FEP foil is different than a FEP spray coating. An FEP spray coating is the method used in for example cookware to make a pan non-stick. It is sprayed on the metal and after baked in an oven. FEP foil however is the pure FEP material, which is a clear, transparent FEP film. FEP often has a FDA approval, so it can get in contact with food.


FEP stands for:

The abbreviation FEP stands for fluorinated ethylene propylene polymer. The best known brand of FEP is FEP Teflon for the company Chemours. Teflon is the trade name of FEP Granules of the former DuPont company. Another companies such as Daikin in Japan also produce FEP granules by the name of Neoflon FEP and 3M, they manufacture FEP foil under the name Dyneon FEP.