Try leather reconditioning instead of buying new furniture

Leather goods are well known for being very sturdy. However, leather can still wear and tear. When this happens, it is good to know that there is a specialist like Topfinsih to get your leather goods back in their old form. The level of attrition depends on the usage of furniture, but eventually all leather furniture becomes a little vale and the material loses its flexibility. So what do you do? Buy all new furniture? It is certainly an option, but a rather expensive one. Leather reconditioning is another, much cheaper option. Topfinish specializes in leather furniture reconditioning, making it look and feel as new as the day you bought it!

Leather reconditioning in any colour that suits your fancy

Find quality, speed, capacity and service at Topfinish. They are one of the most renowned Dutch leather reconditioning specialists.  They can spray your favourite leather goods in virtually any colour that suits your fancy. As a matter of fact, each product is treated with not one, but two layers of paint so the colour deepens even more. To top it off, a third layer of paint is added. This one is colourless and protects the material from wearing out. Think of the possibilities. Precious air looms, your best sofa, a complete batch of shoes, all painted in the colours that you like best!

Leather reconditioning makes your furniture better than ever before!

With leather reconditioning you bring your furniture back into its former glory, but why don’t you go an extra step when you are working on it? A specialist like Topfinish started to treat the leather with a colourless coating which determines the level of gloss or dullness. Besides the look this gives your furniture, this coating protects the leather from wearing out, against moist and other stains, and it keeps the material smooth and flexible. Your favourite furniture will look better than ever before, and continues to do so for many years to come! Do not wear your furniture out to the point of no return, but inquire about the possibilities for leather reconditioning at Topfinish instead