Laptop repair


Laptop repair written by: evlyn560

Laptop reparatie


With the advanced technology life has become easy with the help of gadgets like laptop but this comes with consequences. Are you looking for iphone repareren? Laptops and smartphones are prone to break down either of software or hardware. A software installed in the laptop may crush and refuse to work, in one way or another it has to repaired. You have to take it to the technicians. On the other hardware breakdown is more expensive to repair. The damage may happen on a certain part of the laptop that may be hard to find or too expensive to buy. It also needs expert, a technician who knows how to handle the laptops.


A laptop can have a broken screen. It can only be repaired by replacing it with another one. Screen replacement depends on the type of laptop you have. Either the size or the model. The following are steps on how to replace a screen when broken.:


First check whether the graphics card on the motherboard is working or dead. And to verify this you plug a different monitor into the laptop and click on any picture and see whether it looks good or not. You also need to have a magnetic screwdriver. It helps to attract the screws making it more easier to remove and replace screws. A needle is also needed to remove stickers covering the laptop.


Second step is to ensure that the laptop is not connected to power and the battery should be removed too.


Third remove the sticky covers on the surrounding laptop screen and place it in a way that the sticky part is on top to avoid the sticky part from drying up so as to replace it back.


Then remove the screws from the screen and then start removing the bezel slowly it will automatically snap itself away. Now when the bezel is out you can finally see and feel the screen. Then carefully remove it and add the new one. It may sound easy but it needs someone who is careful so as not to damage the screen and the video components.


With keyboard and mouse repairs are easy to repair. Though some prefer to buy new ones since they are affordable and the cost of repairing it is approximately that of buying new ones.


For battery repair, most users prefer to over look and use it as it is. This is because replacing a new battery becomes expensive plus it can cause other more damages. What users do is use the laptop while plug in to power. Though it is dangerous and destroys the battery life it said to be cheaper than replacing a new one.

Well for laptop repair depends on the user. Some tend to ignore and use them as they are or buy a new one. They claim it’s cheaper to buy than to repair. There’s a believe that once you take your laptop to a technician it comes back with other more damages.