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Keywords tool written by: BestSeoWriter

A Keyword Tool focuses on scanning the top search engines such as Google, Bing etc. while identifying and collecting PPC-Ads that are all being triggered by keyword(s) that you ‘feed’ it with. Essentially how the Keywords Tool works is that you enter a keyword phrase, and the tool comes up with a whole lot of other choices relating to your keyword or phrase. Get more information about Keywordfinder.

The keywords tool has a very simple user interface that allows the keywords suggestions tool to come up with phrases that are closely related to your subject. If you enter ‘weight loss programs’ into the search box, and then click get keyword ideas, This will generate a list of possible keywords and phrases relating you what you just entered (weight loss programs).

The tool is pretty handy, it gives more than just related keywords. It displays the keyword ideas, it also displays competition for that keyword, and third, it displays the global monthly searches for the previous month and the local monthly searches of the keyword

Now that you’ve searched for possible keywords for ‘weight loss programs’ using the Keywords tool, you can explore the results. Now if you find a keyword phrase that has a lot of views per month and with low competition then that is much better. The more monthly searches means it is a well-searched keyword phrase.

In addition to using the Keywords Tool for getting both traffic information and keyword ideas, you can always search for the keyword yourself. A good way to see if that keyword is making money is to make a note of ads and check them in two or three weeks to see what’s changed. If they are the same, then someone is making money. Having a keywords suggestions software package can cut you time in half and help you make decent money.

The reason to use keywords tool is because 90%, are not profitable, below are some of the things you should consider when analyzing keywords.

The competition for phrase-matched Search Engine Optimization for each keyword.

The results of the gathering data from trends.

The precise data of your site’s statistics that you can get from Google’s statistics.

The position in AdWords 

The cost of AdWords per click.

The result of the calculation of the maximum achievable market share.

The result of the calculation for market values for the traffic.

If you use a keyword suggestion tool and keep in mind those tips, you are guaranteed to make some good money.