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IP brokers: Who are they?

As the availability of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses has dwindled, businesses and organizations are turning to IP brokers to acquire these valuable resources. An IPv4 broker serves as a middleman, providing services to assist in the buying and selling of IPv4 addresses. They offer the best price for these transactions and provide an efficient way to navigate the IPv4 transfer market.

What is an IPv4 broker?

IPv4 brokers have a network of clients who are always willing to buy or sell IPv4 addresses. Their job is to support IPv4 address transactions and ensure that every transaction is successful. These brokers have been in the industry for over a decade since the depletion of the world’s scarce address space of 4.29 billion IPs in 2019.

Working with an IPv4 broker

Working with an IPv4 broker makes the acquisition of IPv4 addresses more efficient. They cultivate meaningful partnerships with Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and simplify the transfer process by notifying a relevant RIR on behalf of their customers and making preparations for all necessary documentation. This is especially beneficial for businesses who have a shortage of time to communicate with RIRs and evaluate the rules and regulations surrounding the transfer process. IPv4 brokers who are familiar with the complexities of the transfer procedure can quickly make arrangements for purchase agreements and other documents, making life easier for both the seller and the buyer.

IPv4 brokers also contact RIRs on behalf of their clients to obtain authorization to sell or buy IPv4 addresses. This is because IP holders may be required to prove their ownership of the address space, and buyers may be asked to explain their necessity for IPv4 address blocks.


Overall, IPv4 brokers provide a valuable service to businesses and organizations looking to buy or sell IPv4 addresses. They simplify the transfer process and offer the best prices for these valuable resources. In addition to IPv4 brokers, there are also IPv4 marketplaces that allow businesses to buy and sell IPv4 addresses directly to each other. These marketplaces provide a platform for businesses to connect and negotiate transactions without the need for a broker.