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Carbon fiber material from a high quality

At Compositesplaza you are at the right place for carbon fiber material from a high quality and for an affordable price. We are a professional in composites materials. Our company is established in 2014 in the south of the Netherlands. Our team members have a long-term experience in the composites branche. At our webshop you will find a wide range of varies fiber materials, like tapes, carbon prepreg, multiaxial fabric, pultrusion profiles, carbon woven fabrics and special fabric patterns.


Carbon fiber material is fantastic

More and more manufacturers and entrepreneurs choose to use carbon fiber material. The reason why they choose this fantastic material is, because it has many properties. Carbon fiber material is strong, stiff, light weighted and is stiff. Therefore it is the perfect material for products that people use almost every day. You can use carbon fiber material for many applications. It can be applied in structural and non-structural application, like sport shoes, bicycles, wheelchairs, planes, canoes, surfboards, skies, car parts and more.


Want to order carbon fiber material in our webshop?

Do you want to order carbon fiber material at Compositesplaza? Than we will send your order directly after the payment. You will receive your ordered material within three working days. The exact delivery date depends on the area where your warehouse is located. Do you want more information? Or do you need a technical advice? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or an advice.