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5 tips for pleasant and efficient working from home

No more wasting time in traffic jams, a better work-life balance, higher productivity and greater employee satisfaction are some of the advantages of working from home. Only remote jobs offer such a great work environment.

But because homework fades the boundary between work and private life, pitfalls also exist. 5 tips to organize your homework in an efficient and pleasant way.

1. Monitor the boundary between private and work

The biggest pitfall in working from home is that the boundary between private and work fades. You are going to fill in the won lifetime with housekeeping tasks, or with a visit to the doctor, or with a message … Who works at home, the border between private and work well guard, otherwise your productivity can drop, or you have to work later in the evening to get your work done, and that can not be the intention. Also, make sure that your work is not disturbed by private matters and vice versa. So: you do your household ‘after the hours’.

2. Make a good schedule and follow a tight work schedule

Planning well and following a tight work schedule is the message. The temptations for those who work at home are larger than those who work in the office: there are no colleagues, there is no control … Make good planning and try to stick to it. This way you can also avoid being (systematically) over time, which is certainly not the intention of working from home. Data entry jobs require a lot of focus, and if you’re exhausted you tend to make mistakes.

3. Learn to start stopping

It is not because you work at home and you can determine your own hours, that you have to work overtime systematically. Always working further, not taking a rest or taking time for yourself will not benefit your productivity. Take enough breaks, that’s good for your productivity. Create a ‘stop routine’ and then make time for charging your batteries.

4. Leave your pyjamas in the closet

Dress as if you are going to the office. That makes a huge difference mentally: this way you make the mental click between home and work easier. So: who works at home, leaves his pyjamas in the closet!

5. Create a pleasant workplace

Create a pleasant and inspiring workplace. Make sure you feel good and that you are happy. Those who feel comfortable in their home office also have fewer reasons to leave that work place and start looking for distractions elsewhere in the house. Preferably you have a space that you reserve exclusively for your work. Also set up your workplace like a real office, with a good desk, a comfortable office chair, good lighting, up-to-date equipment.


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